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Tasiilaq, august 2009 Tasiilaq, februar 2009 Maniitsoq, februar 2009
Nuuk, April 2008  Tingmianguit, Marts 2008  Nuuk, March 2008  Nuuk, February 2008  Nuuk, January 2008  July 2007  Qorqut, July 2007  Ukussissat, July 2007  April 2007  March 2007  Nuuk, february 2007  Nanortalik and Narsaq, february 2007  Nuuk, january 2007  Nuuk, december 2006  Octoberdays in Nuuk  Evening in the fiord  Weekend in the fiord  Summer in Nuuk, august 2006  Nattoralinnguaq  Uummannaq, april 2006  Tasiilaq, april 2006  Nuuk, april 2006  Nuuk, march 2006  Qeqertarsuaq, march 2006  Aasiaat, march 2006  Nuuk, february 2006  Nuuk, january 2006  Nuuk, december 2005  Inge i Qasigiannguit, maj 2005  Tasiilaq, april 2005  Nuuk, april 2005  Flying around Nuuk, march 2005  Nuuk, march 2005  Narsaq, 1993-2005  Nanortalik, 1993-2005  Qaqortoq, 1993-2005  Nuuk, february 2005  Nuuk, january 2005  Nuuk, september-december 2004  Tasiilaq 2004  Forel expedition 2004  Skiing to the top of Ukusissat  Nuuk, april 04  Northern Greenland march 04  Ilulissat march 2004  Upernavik march 2004  Qaanaq march 2004  Nuuk winter 2003-4  Qorqut i the Nuuk fjord  Tasiilaq, june - visits to Isortoq, Tiniteqilaaq, Sermiligaaq and Kummiut - and to the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut by Karale glacier  Crossing the ice by skis and dogsledge may-june 2003  Weekend with Kisaq  Ittoqqortoormiit - Scoresbysund - in april  Tasiilaq in april  Aasiaat-Kangerlussuaq  Qasigiannguit - Christianshaab, Diskobay  Ilulissat  Qeqertarsuaq - Godhavn, Disko  Inge in Nuuk, summer  Summer in Narsaq, southern Greenland  Hiking from Narsaq to Narsarsuaq  Northern lights  Whales in the Nuuk fiord  New years eve in Nuuk  Tasiilaq  Kapisillit  Kangerlussuaq  Nuuk snow festival  Nuuk, 1984-85 
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Links to pictures from other places in Greenland - Aasiaat, Qasigiannguit, Qeqertarsuaq, Ilulissat, Narsaq, Narsarsuaq, Kapisillit, Upernavik, Qaanaaq, Nanortalik and Kangerlussuaq - and from there crossing the ice by skis amd dogsledge to Tasiilaq - and from Norway - Lofoten, Stokmarknes and Kirkenes. Pictures also from travels in other parts of the world - India, Argentina, Morocco, Russia, China, Madeira and the Azores. Webcam also from the northern part of Jutland, Denmark, with weather data from a Davis weather station there. Furthermore link to pictures of whales, northern lights (aurora borealis) and the very scenic new years eve in Greenland.
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